For inquiring minds who would like to know...

Can virtual reality visual field exams be billed to insurance?

Yes!  The same CPT billing codes that you use for standard automated perimetry (SAP) tests are applicable to our visual field exams:

  • 92081 – Superior 36 & 64
  • 92082 – Screening
  • 92083 – Full threshold


Do you need a designated computer or tablet to initiate patient exams?

No.  Our cloud-based software can be accessed on any computer, tablet, or mobile device where there is a Wi-Fi connection.


How do you know if the patient is taking the exam correctly?

Similar to traditional SAP systems, our technology tracks fixation losses, false positives, and false negatives, allowing you to see how accurately the patient followed the instructions.


Does Virtual Vision offer progression analysis to track a patient’s disease over time?

Yes, progression analysis is available for visual field loss in glaucoma patients.


If you purchase multiple Virtual Eye headsets, do you have to use the same device on a patient in which all previous exams were taken?

No.  You can use any headset that is connected to your software to initiate a new exam.


Does the patient need to be in a dark room to take the exam?

No.  A dark room is not required to take the exam with our virtual reality system, as the headset minimizes outside light.


Do you need to occlude the opposing eye that is being examined during the test?

No.  The headset automatically occludes the opposing eye during the tests.


Do patients need to remove their glasses to take the tests?

No.  Our headset can be administered over a patient’s eyeglasses, so there is no need for them to be removed.


Is Virtual Vision’s software compatible with EMR systems?

Yes!  We can help you integrate our software into almost any EMR system.


What happens if the headset becomes damaged?

Each device purchase comes with a one-year full replacement warranty.  If any damage happens to the headset or remote control, we will replace it free of charge.  Additional years of warranty are available for purchase for the lifetime of the device.